Whether you want to grow your corporate footprint or optimize your existing international operations, McGrath Consulting is your one-stop solution for success.  Are you looking for expansion opportunities and need due diligence information compiled and evaluated?  Are you contemplating expansion into a region or market that you know very little about?  Do you have a question or concern about an international partnership and need a confidential background report and capability assessment prepared and submitted immediately?   These are just a few examples of common needs and/or requests that our clients have tasked us with in the past.  McGrath Consulting is committed to providing each and every client with superior service and  providing the necessary local and international support your operation needs, whenever and wherever your needs take us.

If you are interested in expanding your business and client base internationally and want a better understanding of the overall potential, we can perform market research and competition analysis on your behalf. This will provide a focused and unbiased assessment of the market as it relates to your company and product lines.

Getting established and growing your business in foreign markets requires local knowledge and experience.  Identifying and finding key people to add to your international team can be extremely time consuming and challenging.  Without help, doing business internationally can be especially challenging.  Our consultants can help your business get established by aligning you with the best network of local legal, financial and administrative support services within the specific regions targeted for growth.


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